Every smile comes from a place of safety and security that only a home can bring…


Every day in Washtenaw County, low-income, hardworking families struggle to find affordable places to live. Rapidly rising rents force these families to live in unsafe, unhealthy, and crowded conditions. These families often have to move once or twice a year in search of rent within their reach. Because of this, children transfer from school to school, affecting their learning and their self-esteem.

The American dream of homeownership is seen as simply unattainable, due to the skyrocketing cost of home prices and little change in incomes of hardworking families.

Our mission of working with the community to build and renovate simple decent homes with and for these families has resulted in over 150 families purchasing their home. This leads to stability in their family and the ability to build equity. We believe in this mission, because we have seen first-hand how affordable homeownership impacts families, children, and communities.

  • Families have a chance to experience stability, build equity wealth, and have something tangible to pass on to their children.

  • Children are healthier and safer. They do better in school, have higher self-esteem, and feel more hopeful toward their future.

  • Communities are improved, as homeowners tend to be more active in their communities than renters, and pay into the local tax base. Renovating homes has resulted in targeted neighborhoods in Ypsilanti becoming increasingly strengthened.


  1. For specific research data on the impact of homeownership on children, families and the community, we encourage you to download the report “The Private and Social Benefits of Homeownership“, authored by Dr. Haurin, a professor at Ohio State University.

  2. To learn how homeownership creates a healthier environment, read this article, “Owning a Home Makes Families Happier, Healthier,” by Jim Adair, editor of REM: Canada’s Real Estate Magazine.

  3. Take a look at what local Nonprofit Leaders are saying about the Federal Budget and how projected budget cuts would affect Washtenaw County. What Nonprofit Leaders Are Saying About the Federal Budget

  4. To get involved with state-wide advocacy, visit Habitat for Humanity of Michigan’s Advocacy Page.