Home Improvement Program


Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley has been building and rehabbing homes in Washtenaw County since 1989.  But, our work does not stop there.  We provide home repairs for homeowners in Greater Washtenaw County who are of low-income.  Our goal is to provide improvements to your home that reduce your energy consumption, energy costs and the impact on the environment.  We also strive to provide financial and personal stress relief for homeowners who are struggling with high energy and repair costs. We offer minor exterior improvements such as gutter cleaning and yard clean-up to major repairs such as roof or furnace replacement.

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Energy Savings! Furnace Test & Tune

Furnaces can be such a comfort when it’s cold and blustery outside.  But, when it quits working or it’s running your utility bills up each month, they can be a source of stress and strain.  Many times, a simple test and tune up can make a world of difference in your monthly heat consumption and reduce your monthly heating bill.

Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley, in partnership with DTE, offers FREE testing and tune ups of your furnace.  If you live in greater Washtenaw county and you own your home (rental homes, condos and multiple-residence structures are not eligible) we may be able to provide you with a FREE test and tune of your furnace.  We can also provide you with other energy saving measures including LED lightbulbs, thermostats and water flow regulators.

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Refrigerator Replacement Program

Is your electric bill too high and causing you stress each month?  Many times this is due to appliances in your home that are running inefficiently.  This is especially true with refrigerators.  Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley has partnered with DTE to provide homeowners with new, energy efficient refrigerators free of charge

If you are a DTE electric customer and you have a refrigerator that you think is running inefficiently, click here to learn more and to apply for a free replacement. 

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Critical Home Repair & Weatherization

Since 2012, Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley has provided critical repairs to over 22 homeowners in Washtenaw county, resulting in an average savings of $500 a year per home.  This also reduces greenhouse gases by 84 tons each year, which helps preserve our environment.

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Veterans Home Repairs Program

We appreciate your interest in Habitat for Humanity’s Veterans Build. Through this initiative, you can help us provide critical home repairs to U.S. veterans, military service members and their households.

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