Furnace Test & Tune Program

You may qualify for a free tune-up of your furnace and free installation of energy saving measures. If your furnace is unsafe or un-repairable, you may qualify for a replacement furnace at a significantly reduced cost.

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To qualify for a FREE test and tune of your furnace, please review the requirements below: 

1.      Live in greater Washtenaw County, Michigan

2.      Own your home (rental homes, condos and multiple-residence structures are not eligible)

3.      Use DTE for BOTH your gas and electric services

a.      Must provide a current copy of your DTE bill for confirmation

4.      Cannot have had a furnace tune up through the DTE program in the last two years

5.      Have a forced air furnace in your home (boilers are not eligible)

6.      Have an annual household pre-tax income at or below the maximum shown in the chart below (based on family size), or be a participant in the following Michigan, federal or nonprofit low-income programs:  LIHEAP, FAP, SSI SER, AFDC, TANF, WAP, THAW or WIC.


Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Maximum Annual Income $50,350 $57,550 $64,750 $71,900 $77,700 $83,450 $89,200 $94,950

If You Qualify

Once you have submitted your application and supporting documents, Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley will review it for eligibility.  If you qualify, one of our Habitat-approved Heating & Cooling contractors will contact you to schedule a test and tune of your furnace.

Work performed by the Heating & Cooling contractors will include the following:

·       Clean burners, combustion changer and heat exchanger surface, when accessible

·       Clean and inspect burner orifices and ignition system

·       Check for proper venting and adequate combustion air, based on code

·       Check and test safety controls

·       Inspect filter – replace 1” and 2” filters, and/or clean washable filters

·       Run equipment through complete sequence of operation

The Heating and Cooling contractor will also assess your water heater.  If it is found to be unrepairable or unsafe, they may recommend a replacement.  Replacement water heaters are available for a small monthly repayment to Habitat for Humanity. 

Additional energy saving measures

In addition to a tune up of your furnace, you may also be eligible for the energy saving measures listed below.

·       Kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators (1.0 gallons per minute)

·       Showerhead (1.5 gallons per minute)

·       Programmable thermostat

·       Up to 20 LED lightbulbs (they must be used to replace existing incandescent lightbulbs)

These are provided free of charge by Habitat for Humanity and will be installed by one of our contractors or staff members.

furnace Repairs

Based on the analysis of the Heating and Cooling contractor, repairs that exceed the normal diagnostic tune-up may be eligible for limited repairs.

furnace Replacement

If the Heating and Cooling contractor finds that your furnace and/or water heater are unsafe or unrepairable, Habitat for Humanity may offer a replacement option.  Replacements are available for a fee that is paid back to Habitat for Humanity.  There is no deposit required and no interest charged.  These repayments are deeply discounted from the full cost of labor and installation.  Below are the repayment schedules based on services provided.

Replacement                               Monthly Payment       Total # of Payments              Total Amount

Furnace Only                                         $40                                    48                                       $1,920

Furnace & Water Heater                        $60                                    48                                       $2,880

Water Heater Only                                 $40                                    24                                         $960

If a replacement is recommended, the homeowner will agree to complete 8 volunteer hours in approved Habitat activities.

Requirements & Disclaimers

If the homeowner is unable or unwilling to provide the necessary documentation required for the furnace replacement, Habitat for Humanity may still replace the furnace and the homeowner will be responsible for repayment of the full replacement cost rather than the discounted prices shown above.

Work will be performed as determined by Habitat for Humanity and its contractors.  In some situations, replacements may not be possible based on funding, willingness of the homeowner to partner with Habitat for Humanity or conditions in the home.

Services and replacements are based on a first-come, first-served basis.
Quantities are limited.  This program may be terminated at any time.