Gault Village

Neighborhood Revitalization Project


H4HHV History in Gault Village

  • Began rehabbing homes in 2008 with NSP funding
  • Community Development work began in 2012
  • 39 HOP Homes Completed and Sold
  • 160+ HIP Projects Completed

Community Development Activities & Outputs

  • Community Planning Meetings
  • Resident Satisfaction Surveys (129)
  • Neighborhood Walk-Abouts
  • Increased Involvement on Facebook Group
  • Gault Village Garden Club
  • Annual Picnic

Community Development Continued Involvement

  • Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings monthly
  • Hold quarterly information sessions on Habitat programs
  • Engage new HOP and HIP families in neighborhood events
  • Support community events (Ypsi PROUD, monthly newsletter, annual garage sale, activities at St. Matthew’s, Garden Club, Walking Group)
  • Discussions about Gault Village Shopping Center

Community Development Next Steps

  • Second round of Resident Satisfaction Surveys to measure improvement in quality of life
  • Ongoing Home Improvement Projects