Neighborhood Revitalization Project


H4HHV History in Sugarbrook

  • Ypsilanti Township asked us to work in this neighborhood in 2016
  • 5 HOP Homes Completed and Sold, 4 Additional Owned
  • 70+ HIP Projects Completed including 8 Thrivent Builds Repairs

Community Development Initial Steps

  • Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings monthly
  • Form relationships with residents and community partners
  • Formed Steering Committee
  • Held first Community Planning Meeting
  • Conduct initial round of Resident Satisfaction surveys
  • Hold second Community Planning Meeting & focus groups
  • Work with residents to prioritize actions and create plan

Community Development Ongoing Activities

  • Ongoing HIP Projects
  • Hold quarterly information sessions on Habitat programs
  • Engage new HOP and HIP families in neighborhood events
  • Discussions on use for Kettering Elementary School
  • Support community events