Gault Village

Neighborhood Revitalization Project


H4HHV History in Gault Village

  • Began rehabbing homes in 2008 with NSP funding
  • Community Development work began in 2012
  • 39 HOP Homes Completed and Sold
  • 160+ HIP Projects Completed

Community Development Activities & Outputs

  • Community Planning Meetings
  • Resident Satisfaction Surveys (129)
  • Neighborhood Walk-Abouts
  • Increased Involvement on Facebook Group
  • Gault Village Garden Club
  • Annual Picnic

Community Development Continued Involvement

  • Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings monthly
  • Hold quarterly information sessions on Habitat programs
  • Engage new HOP and HIP families in neighborhood events
  • Support community events (Ypsi PROUD, monthly newsletter, annual garage sale, activities at St. Matthew’s, Garden Club, Walking Group)
  • Discussions about Gault Village Shopping Center

Community Development Next Steps

  • Second round of Resident Satisfaction Surveys to measure improvement in quality of life
  • Ongoing Home Improvement Projects


Neighborhood Revitalization Project


H4HHV History in Sugarbrook

  • Ypsilanti Township asked us to work in this neighborhood in 2016
  • 5 HOP Homes Completed and Sold, 4 Additional Owned
  • 70+ HIP Projects Completed including 8 Thrivent Builds Repairs

Community Development Initial Steps

  • Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings monthly
  • Form relationships with residents and community partners
  • Formed Steering Committee
  • Held first Community Planning Meeting
  • Conduct initial round of Resident Satisfaction surveys
  • Hold second Community Planning Meeting & focus groups
  • Work with residents to prioritize actions and create plan

Community Development Ongoing Activities

  • Ongoing HIP Projects
  • Hold quarterly information sessions on Habitat programs
  • Engage new HOP and HIP families in neighborhood events
  • Discussions on use for Kettering Elementary School
  • Support community events

West Willow

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our work in west Willow

Habitat began partnering with residents of West Willow in community development activities in 2013. In 2018 alone we engaged with 648 residents and community partners in events and solutions to enhance the quality of life in West Willow. This included 124 volunteers contributing 507 hours of time in neighborhood activities.

Our community development work complements the renovation of 10 homes in West Willow for new Habitat homebuyers. Our first homeowner in West Willow closed on her home in June 2015.

Since 2013 we have also completed over 300 energy efficiency improvements and home repairs for West Willow residents. Many of these improvements help older adults safely and affordably stay in their home as they age.

habitat’s involvement in west willow

Fence Replacement2.jpg

Habitat’s Community Development role in West Willow is that of a listener, convener, facilitator, and connector. We use an Asset Based Community Development approach where we listen to West Willow residents express their gifts, dreams, and concerns for their community and work with them to create an action plan for their neighborhood. We commit to supporting resident-led initiatives and leveraging relationships with funders and community partners to make West Willow stronger.

Click below to see what West Willow residents, community partners, and Habitat have done over the years!

Habitat & West Willow Activities January 2019 (coming soon!)

Habitat & West Willow Activities November 2013 – November 2018